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 Living in such a conservative feudal society,in general there are not some rarely heard his wife and another man to do,and then not to mention the blue child's mother is Mrs.Santo,Santo Simon is very good for her.She was not made out of things,but met Lee nirvana is her destiny.
Lee nirvana to his feet,regardless of whether the mother's consent blue children to go upstairs,just know that Lee nirvana gently supporting her hands,a little pull that action.But those little two eyes is just think they are relatives move it,no,he thought.
By Lee nirvana help them blue body legs a little child mother **** being gently pulled upstairs Lee nirvana,nirvana is Lee pulled a small hand is embarrassed,wanted to struggle away,but Lee nirvana again is tightly caught her.She did not dare criticize Lee nirvana,it will not hit anyone,blue child mother is very gentle woman.
On the second floor to go,Lee nirvana did not bring her to-day size room,but go to the other side of the room,and no one open room.Mom is looking at blue child nirvana Lee shook constantly said they did not go in,but Lee nirvana can be whatever her so much,such a beautiful wife who he did not want to miss.
Although the outsider,the Lee nirvana many cougar concubine,but that is the lack of a mature concubine like temperament,that is virtuous.Coupled with her natural looks so pretty,how nirvana Lee will miss her,within her husband rarely go back to the palace.Lee is such a good opportunity not miss nirvana,and immediately pulled her into the room to go,then that is locked to come.
'I'm going out!'Blue child's mother pulled into the room of an action is to go out.
But Lee nirvana took her little hand would not let her out,then put the cooked woman is forced to pull his arms to his hands tightly holding her tiny waist in Yin Xiao.Blue children's mother struggled to break Lee nirvana hands,asking him to release her,Lee nirvana will not let go,out of the mouth constantly shaking his head and kissed her mouth chase.
'Ah!'Lee nirvana finally been kissed in the.
By Lee nirvana kissed her mouth,she is constantly pushing Lee nirvana hand head,but Lee nirvana hand gently pressed her hand down.Slowly,Lee nirvana finally melted her tongue a virtuous heart,and finally no longer struggling to make Lee nirvana kissed her.Lee also felt uneasy allotments nirvana hands start up from down deep into her clothes and felt that a move Lee nirvana,blue child's mother is struggling up until Lee nirvana in his hands to catch the pair of peaks above the rub move several times,she did not stop resistance.
'Ah!Not good,let Santo angered that he does not know will be happy!'Lee nirvana blue child mother mouth is open,blue blush scarred child mother is looking at Lee nirvana live handsome smiley says.
'Never mind,he does not know,you see,you have the following wet like that!Our Come on!'Lee nirvana hand deep into her legs in the middle where it says that.
'You hate to die,do it!'Quilt to the edge of the bed to pull Lee nirvana blue child mother said.
Lee nirvana when pulled to the bed,her body is starting to take off her clothes,piece by piece from that exquisite slim body off.Of course,my mother has blue child revolt,but Lee nirvana threatened her that if she put her clothes against the words tore.Santo time again to go back to the government to help her find clothes,so my mother no longer resist the blue children,let Lee nirvana finally put her clothes off.
A footer exquisite white slim body in front of Lee nirvana,nirvana Lee hugged her and kissed the top inch of skin on top of what is going,the last is this beauty down on the bed to do it.No longer virginity,and had sons and daughters born of a woman,let her feel Lee nirvana Here is very tight,and virginity is no difference.
'Blue is not your child born in the end!'Lee nirvana begs the question.
'Ah,good comfortable,give me a bit deeper,okay?'Blue child mother replied.
'Strange,that also gave birth to her daughter following little?And your husband is not impotent?'Lee asked this nirvana known poem knowledge ceremony,less virtuous woman became Hui * waves woman asked.
'Dear husband since a decade ago when the war broke there,since to get up,so not done!Lee nirvana give me a little more,I have not so,ah!****!'Blue children's Lee nirvana mother said.
'Oh,really waste my roof,my top,my larger,I become big!'Lee shook his head and said nirvana.
Although the blue child's mother was under cool,very excited,but she did not moan and scream out,the reason is fear of being someone else in the room knew she was eating inside.But look at her that way,really happy,such as octopus limbs clasped Lee nirvana letter himself,so he pressed on it.Then there is a US foot frame behind Lee nirvana ass,forced to push Lee nirvana ass.
Speaking of Simon Castellan he really impotent,a dozen years ago when the war with the Yunyang Empire soldiers were hurt the enemy below.Since that did not look up too,but that one thing is still hanging in there,a word that is impractical,ten years every night are so blue children keep mom availability.So Simon Santo obedience to blue child's mother,turned out to be a reason,the following is equivalent to not give her widowed keep students no different.
Did not expect more than a decade later,by his own son pulled the room to dry up,and this time really make her feel life is so wonderfully happy.
Pressure in the body of the mother child blue Lee nirvana that one of the following things have become so big four fingers,while doing right,she said,to ensure that there is time to fly back and she is quietly doing.The last blue child's mother and Lee nirvana appointment first,fifteen Simon mountain town that temple Fridays.
Because each month blue child's mother will go to Westgate City temple to pray that the mountain of the convention Lee promised her little nirvana,nirvana,but Lee said and she did very comfortable saying tonight to get her dry her room.Lee nirvana hear this one,she jumped up and scared,because she felt below the jump is something to make the top.
'Rest assured,I will be invisible,when Simon Santo will not see,I try to show you what van!'
Lee nirvana finished,immediately before the rape strong static transported from the Orient that the group,so that the whole body up invisible.In this way,the blue child's mother saw Lee nirvana,but the blue child's mother is something that is felt below ground and out there,facing the immortal son,smiling,blue child's mother,said tonight in the room waiting for him.
'That's a given,now I sleep in your bed,sitting on top of.'Lee turned nirvana holding her body in bed Road.
The world is also sitting on a lotus-style,while the mother was very skilled blue child that one of Lee's nirvana feel very comfortable.However,because time is tight look,Lee nirvana speed and the two of them had done her,and finally put the seed in the seed of life inside her.For if she could give birth to a little fairy,it depends on good luck Lee nirvana,even small gods did not give birth,I believe her body will be vulnerable to the attack.
This is something only done half an hour,half an hour to let the hungry blue climax mother of five children,so the two of them hurriedly dressed and tidy up,go down to the lobby.Get back to the original position above the blue children something to talk,just talk for a while,Westgate City took the blue children's clothes with a smile ran to Lee nirvana.
'How so long ah!'Blue child asked his mother.